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Aoi-san Banner

Would you like to link to AnimeDX? Well it's pretty simple. All you have to do is download the picture of Aoi-san and plug in the sample HTML code. Or if you want customize the code to your liking. Just in case you were wondering who was the artist of Aoi-san, it was Simon Luong. Please tell us if you have put the banner on your site. We will keep an Aoi-san Link page to thank all the people who are using the banner to link to us.

Sample HTML Code
Code may be different if you are using the Black or White image of Aoi-san

<FONT SIZE="-1"><A HREF="">
<img src="smalog.gif" WIDTH="94" HEIGHT="178" border="0" alt="AnimeDX"><BR>AnimeDX</A>

AnimeDX Name: smalog.gif
For use on
White Backgrounds
Colours: 256
Size: 6.76KB
Width * Height

AnimeDX Name: smalogb.gif
For use on
Black Backgrounds
Colours: 256
Size: 8.28KB
Width * Height

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