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  • Ch# Channel Name Website Area
    1 NHK VHF
    3 NHK education VHF
    4 Nihon TV VHF
    5 WOWOW BS
    6 TBS VHF
    7 NHK BS1 BS
    8 Fuji TV VHF
    10 TV Asahi VHF
    11 NHK BS2 BS
    12 TV-Tokyo VHF
    14 MX TV UHF
    38 TV Saitama UHF
    42 TVK UHF
    46 Chiba TV UHF
    48 Gunma TV UHF

    UHF - Meaning these are the channels available to all people living in the Kanto Region.

    VHF - These channels are limited in each prefecture and may not be availible in Some prefectures in the Kanto region

    BS - Broadcast Satillite

    Information obtained from Kaicho
    Please visit his webpage: Kaicho's Anime Page