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    Autumn, '98
    Bubbulegum Crisis TOKYO 2040 (Oct.7)
    An OVA series turned to a new TV series. Night Sabers (Sylia, Priss, Linna and Nene) fight to Boomers and Genom company.
    EAT MAN '98 (Oct.7)
    Bolt Crank is a cool adventurer, but he eats everything : Bolt, steel, and guns. And you can also regenerate what he eat....
    Super Doll Rika-chan (Oct.6)
    A doll spin off an anime! Rika-chan is a doll who is loved by Japanese girls, similar to "Barbie". Stories : Dollland send a super doll "RIKA" to Rika-chan to protect her. Rika-chan may be a key person of conflict of Dollland and Human World ???
    Totsugeki! Pappara-tai (Oct.3)
    A gag anime. Pappara-tai is is the best soldiers of Anti-Alien Force, but they are the most thoughtless people...
    Poporocrois stories(Oct.4)
    This is originated in a game.
    Generator Gawl (Oct.6)
    "Generator" is a mutant made by "Inclusion Cell", and a schoolboy, Gawl, is one of generators.
    Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun(Oct.1)
    Genshi is a primitive boy who was born in 25th century.
    Ojaru-maru (Oct.5)
    Ojaru-maru is a nobleman of 1000 years ago, but he came to the present day with a magic staff.
    Let's Nupu-Nupu (Oct.5)
    Stories of an Ecchi school nurse. A cat appears regularly, but it doesn't concern with Nuku-Nuku (^_^;)
    Dokkiri Doctor (Oct.21)
    An old manga has become anime! Stories of an Ecchi doctor. (Again ? (^_^;) )
    Flower Angel Ten-Ten-kun (Oct.10)
    Ten-Ten is angel, and his job is making people aware of their own talent. But Ten-Ten failed to give a talent to a boy before he was born....
    Saber Marionette J to X (October)
    Otaru and his party come back! This is a sequel of Saber Marionette J
    Steam Detectives (Oct. 7)
    Asamiya,Kia's detective stories. Narutaki is a detective boy, and he solves many affairs in Steam City.
    Kurogane Communication (October)
    After the final war, only a girl is alive on the earth. This is a stroy of her and 5 robots.
    St.Luminous Girls High School (October)
    Many accidents occurs to a girls high school.
    Orphan the Sorcerer (October)
    Ophen is a sorcerer, who chases a woman. This anime shows his many adventures.
    His circumstances and her circumstances (Oct)
    Gainax makes a new TV anime. Yukino is a very vain girl, and she gave every spare moment to her display....
    Devilman Lady
    Another stories of "Devilman". Devils spread over the world, and Jun was possessed by a devil, but she kept her human mind though her body changed to devil's one. She tried to fight against other devils to save human being. However, the days of fights changed her....

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