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    Summer, '98
    lain (July 6)
    Stories of mixture of real world and wired(network world). Oneday, classmates recieved a mail from a girl, who killed herself before....
    Classmates 2 [Dokyusei 2] (July 2)
    A famous game spin-off to anime.
    Midnight Detective - Night Walker [Mayonakano Tantei - Night Walker] (July 4)
    A vampire anime. Vampire might have alrealy been a genre of Japanese anime (^_^;
    Shadow Skill [Shadow Skill - Kagewaza] (July 2)
    Ele Lug is a fighter who use "Eigi (Shadow Skill)", and she ventures with her three friends.
    Inventor Boy Kanipan [Hatsumei Boy Kanipan] (July 3)
    On Planet Sharaku, human and robot live together. Kanipan wants to be a great inventor, so he comes to Monshiro Town.
    Urayasu Reinforcing-bar Family [Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku] (June 30)

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