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Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 Preview
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  • Bubble Gum Crisis 2040

    Episode 1 Synopsis

    Linna appears on screen in a subway station looking in a glass window, checking out her clothes in preperation for her first day on the job at her new job in Tokyo. It's obvious this is her first time in Tokyo, she seems to be a bit of a country girl. (Her friend makes a remark to that effect.) Linna bumps into a street-cleaning boomer on the street and apologizes to it. Her friend tells her it's silly to apologize to boomers. She asks her friend about the KS. Roll opening animation.

    Episode 1 title: "Can't Buy A Thrill."

    Now we're following a tether up high off the planet to a space station.Cut to the inside of Quincy's sanctum. We hear his breathing and see a shot of his hand. And we see an external shot of the new Genom tower. ("More phallic than ever." -Ben)

    Cut back to Linna and her friend on the street. Priss zooms by too close on her motorcycle, sending Linna in her heels sprawling. Linna does not take this well. She goes chasing after Priss. Priss stops briefly and points out by means of a gesture that Linna has a small cut on her forehead. (Plot point!) Then zooms off again. Linna chases Priss down the building's parking garage, finally sliding down a pole fire-man style nd halting Priss just as she gets to street level. Her left high-heel breaks off. Priss twists the throttle and spins her motorcycle around and takes off the other direction, easily dodging the broken shoe hrown by Linna. Linna cries at this point. (!)

    Linna goes in to meet her boss (minus a shoe) who looks like Jynnai from El Hazard. She then meets the supervisor of the office, a female boomer. The female boomer either doesn't have a sense of humor or hides it well. Linna is assigned mopping the floor duty that day. Cut to helicopters above MegaTokyo.

    We see the new utterly hard-assed Leon driving around. He's in remote contact with Nene briefly.

    Cut back to Linna and Jynnai out on a date walking around the no longer so pristine night streets of MegaTokyo. Her boss starts to put some unwelcome moves on her. Linna incidentally recognizes the eyes of the woman on a Sekeria poster and adds 1 and 1 to get 2. Linna and Jynnai go to a restaurant on top of a skyscraper. Below them is a building being built by boomers. One boomer goes nuts and begins to warp and morph slightly, fusion boomer style. Walking around on all 4s, the psycho boomer rampages its way into the building where Linna is just about to smack Jynnai for an overly friendly hand on her thigh. 

    Predictably, there's a panic as the mad boomer starts to destroy the

    restaurant. Jynnai cowardly sprints for the exit, knocking Linna down in the process. Cut to Priss sitting on her bike outside the city. She gets aged by Sylia with a message that a boomer is running amok. Back in

    the restaurant, the boomer spots Linna and starts chasing her. She fleeonto the fire stairs. The stairs start to come lose from the weight of theboomer.

    The situation is going from bad to worse when a blue and a pink hardsuit show up. The blue hardsuit starts to battle off the boomer, gesturing for Linna to let drop. The blue hardsuit uses the same gesture Priss did earlier, and Linna in her surprise lets go. Nene catches her on the way down. The stairs finally collapse completely. What's left of the boomer falls down with it. Splut. The ADPolice pull up ten seconds later, to find a

    lone Linna standing unharmed near the crumpled up remains of a boomer and some fire stairs. The next morning Linna goes in to work, and briefly flirts with Jynnai. A second later, she decks him a good one.

    Later that day, Priss is finishing a set at Hot Legs. Linna is waiting for

    her as she steps out the door. Priss rides off abruptly without answering any of Linna's questions. Cue ending animation. It's sort of strange and trippy.


    nteresting though, at least at first. Ben sez: Well, first the opening animation. I like it. However, I think the music sucks. (Not as bad as Priss's supposed song in ep. 2 but it could have been better.) There's good music later on in the episode when Linna and Jynnai (sorry, can't help but call him that) are walking around the nightclub scene. Speaking of (k)night scenes, MegaTokyo 2040 may be brite 'n shiny during the day, but it turns dark and cyberpunk pretty quick when the sun sets. Good, this. There's a bit of Linna chacter development in this episode, which is good. However, the first cliche of BGC 2040 appears: "All people who were "tough" in the original TV series are total assholes here." This means Priss and Leon. However, I do like the new Priss still. She's just real cold. Characters, characters... Silly-ya is not very good. I dislike the new one as opposed to the old. The new Nene is not blonde in IQ. She's actually very mischevious and, as usual, a good hacker. We get to see the suits in action. A little "cartoony" in this episode for my tastes. This gets better as we go, though. Offhand, that's all the impressions I got of BGC 2040 TV ep #1. Let me turn it over to TenchiKen who will give you some hopefully more objective summation and comment on the first episode.

    [Tenchiken] Who me? Objective? Hah! I will admit to the fact that

    while I enjoy BGC OVA, I have never been a huge fan, save the redheaded Russian Goddess. In many ways, AIC still has a lot to answer for, due to the TenchiTV, STM, and El-Hazzard TV series. Their last efforts, Vampire Miyu, Daiundokai, El-Hazard TV2 have all been excelent. BGC TV starts a bit slow, but picks up speed. I love the quality of the animation. The hard suits are much more "solid" for lack of a better term. Linna still resembles Sakuya from STM, but she does manage to be a slightly interesting character. Priss has few lines, but her old personality is lurking under the covers. Leon is very hard edged. Linna shows off a bit, but it is Priss who gives away her identity, not Linna guessing. The gritty edge of BGC is still present, but you get a strong feeling that it is a earlier time in the development of Mega Tokyo. Boomers are just now starting to go nuts. ADP does not yet hand out large enough weapons to effectivly stop them. I think that about covers it...

    All information and Images in this Preview are the property of TenchiKen
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