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  • Evangelion Geometric Figure

    Title EGF
    Type 3D / Render / Art
    Release Date Available Now
    Price $51 US

    The Evangelion Geometric Figure Series is a 3 CD series of 3DCG Evangelion models and software. Each disc includes 3D Evangelion models and an application to manipulate and create your own personalized Evangelion world. The 3D application is based on "Shade" a piece of software from Expression Tools. Evangelions, Angels and even their weapons were created with the finest detail. All you have to do is load a model create an action pose, set the camera angle, light the scene and composite with background images to create your original scene. Colors of the models are changeable as well to increase creative flexibility.

    There are 3 CD's in this series. The EVA-1 CD, EVA-0 CD and the EVA-2 CD. Each one has different models. For example the EVA-0 CD has Lilith and the Spear of Longlinus. While the EVA-1 CD has cage facilities and models of the 3rd and 4th angel. All CD's are hybrid CD's meaning that they are compatible with both Macintosh and Windows. The cost is 5800Y which is about $51 American, which is a good price for a CD like this.

    Since this is a Japanese there will be some conflicting problems. The good news is the application has a bilingual interface which gives you the choice of English or Japanese. However model filenames my be displayed as gibberish due to unsupported Japanese Fonts. The Software package does not come with an English Manual however you can download one off the internet at their website. Tech support is only available in Japanese.

    Thanks to their e-commerce site, you can order EGF directly from Expression Tools. If you are interested in ordering EGF or you would like to find out more, I suggest you head over to: Expression Tools [E.G.F]

    3rd Angel
    Eva Type D Equipment