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Gundress Preview
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  • Gundress

    Title Gundress
    Producer Sanctuary
    Original Story & Screenplay Orca
    Mecha & Character Design Masamune Shirow
    Release Date March 1999

    The story takes place in the year is 2100 A.D. , crime is on a rampage. In order to fight these crimes "Bouncer" a special police force was created. Belonging to the company Angel Arms which is run by by Horaiji Takao, five women and Landmate (their mecha) fight an international weapon sales organization headed by Hassein.

    Yun Kay
    Alissa Takakura
    Michelle Iga
    Sylvia Kakihana
    Marusia Asano


    Trailer 1 28.8K
    Trailer 1 64K (ISDN)

    Source: Protoculture Addicts 51 > Newtype 07-98
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