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  • WARNING! This Following Paragraphs don't make Sense, are NOT gramatically correct and may contain some Japanese in them but they should give you a good idea about the requested topic. You have been WARNED!


    Fight steward type militant mechanism. Power suits to have had developed confrontation Bayside for terrorism that gets vicious originally.

    For Isamu dress landmate Japanese enterprise are such as Landmate that Bayside ride differs from private business , as a weapon Asia becomes the center , a development starts , at present for Israeli Nishibe Asia and the object that America becomes a nucleus of a production. Bayside to be a private enterprise is permitted a possession of an armament landmate by registering license.

    A production state , type style , function differs for each for landmate that a member of << Angel arms >> rides , and they donate a reform and a painting of thinking and thinking and take out the characteristic.

    Translation Notes:
    Bausaa - Bayside?
    Aamuzu - Arms?