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Welcome to Netscape News

On Monday, March 31st, Netscape made web history by making their Netsape Communicator Source Code public. Netscape News opened up so you can get news about Netscape quickly. There will also be an area devoted to Mozillia and all it's different flavors. Developers here will be able to check the latest FAQ, learn how to change the animation, etc. Missed a day's worth of news? No worry, you can access the news archives where all the past news of the month will be there. Want to check out other mozillia related sites? No problem just go to the links section to find the most comprehensive set of Mozillia links on the whole web.

In the next few weeks you will see some changes in Netscape News. The first thing I will be doing is designing my own interface instead of using somebody's web site for a template. I can't do this by myself. You can help by sending me web addresses, New News that isn't on the site yet, new answers to FAQs, etc. Just e-mail me at

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Friday, April 3rd, 1998

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