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Advertising at AnimeDX
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To mantain our site and to make sure we reach our goals we need advertising (Sponsorship). Banners will be rotated weekly on each page. Once we get off tripod well have a nice CGI script to do all the switching around.

Please note that Virtual Idols is a seperate site which is not affiliated to AnimeDX therefore banners purchased will NOT be posted there.

We have a few rules:

  • Banners can be in either .jpg or .gif formats.
  • The maximum size for banners will be 468x60.
  • Banners cam not contain any offensive or illegal material
  • Banners may be animated but must not be over 30k.
  • AnimeDX can refuse to publish any banner for any reason.

    Front Page
    Every Month $45
    Every 6 Months $267.50
    Every Year $535
    All other pages
    Every Month $30
    Every 6 Months $177.50
    Every Year $355

    If you are interested or would like more information please e-mail us at:

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