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Turn A Gundam Preview
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  • Turn A Gundam

    Title Turn A Gundam
    Producer Sunrise
    Start Date April 7, 99

    Story info By Kota Fujimura

    Sunrise's newest Gundam anime series in called "Turn A Gundam". The character design of this show is done by Akira Yasuda of Capcom. The mecha design is done by Syd Mead. The mecha design does not follow the more traditional Gundam mecha design and a lot of fans are unhappy about it.

    The story takes place in 2345 during the summer solstice. A race called the Moon Race comes down to Earth in a giant bi-pedal machine and demands that land be given to them or they'll take North America by force. Rolan Seaac, whose coming of age ceremony occurs on the day of the Moon Race attack, is asorbed by a robot that comes out of a stone statue! It appears there is no Mobile Suit technology in this Universe.

    Gundam Mech
    Sunrise's page on Turn a Gundam (japanese)

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