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Bubble Gum Crisis 2040 Preview
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  • Bubble Gum Crisis 2040

    Title Bubble Gum Crisis 2040
    Producer AIC / JVC
    Release Date ???
    Hard Suits
    Hard Suits
    For many years, Bubble Bum Crisis fans had to limit themselves to the origional OVA's. The only attempt at asequell, the wretched BGC Crash has evoked more swear words then perhaps any othersequell. Three years ago, AIC animation of Tenchi Muyo, Sol Bianca and BGC fame announced that they hadacquiredd the rights to do a new series.

    The New series is not without controversy. AIC could not secure the rights to the old character design, so they created new character designs. Some, like Priss, are similar to their old shapes. Many are completelyly new.

    The characters have changed quite a bit. Nene is not her old self (but IMHO, much better), The forgotten Saber, Linna, know is a pivitol character which the first four episodes focus on.

    The Boomers are mostly fusion boomers. They merge with materials around them, creating a very spooky metamorphisis.


    Note: The mpg and mov are the
    same opening, different formats.

    Bgc-2040-OP (24 MB mpg)
    Bgc-2040-OP (30 MB mov)

    Synopsis / Review
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4

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