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    Winter, '99
    Oja-Majo Doremi (Feb.7)
    Doremi and her two friends aim at full-fledged witches. They have to buy "Maho-Dama (Magic Ball)" to imporve their magic power. So they made a magic item shop named "Maho-Do". This is their business story (?).
    Microman the Small Giant (Jan.4)
    5 heroes have come to the earth from the planet "Microearth", and they are only 8centimeters tall. A boy, Kohei Kuji came to to know them, and he provided his desk as a Microman Base.
    Himiko-den (Jan.6)
    Kutani and Himiko wandered into an old kingdom, Yamataikoku, and they have to help a new queen to throne.
    Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (Feb)
    Jeanne steals art objects in which devils lurk, and she seals devils into chessmen.
    Mito's Great Adventure (Jan.4)
    Mito seems a small child, but she is a visitor from outer space, and a space pirate listed in police-wanted list level special A. She can disguise herself everything, so even Aoi (her son, earthling) didn't know her true character.
    The Emblem of Star World (Jan.2)
    An SF story. The original work got the Galaxy Prize (This prize is given to the best Japanese SF novel in the year. "The Legend of Galactic Heroes" got this prize, too).
    Dual! Paralle-Lun-Lun-Monogatari (Apr)
    Pioneer's another "Another World" story.
    Super Bida-Man (Jan.4)
    This is not concerned with Bomber-man (^_^; A game of Bidama (marble) is played in old days, but I don't know it's wheather this anime will treat such an old game or not.
    Betterman (Unknown)
    An odd phenomenon struck the future world, and Keita tries to solve the cause and the mystery of Betterman.
    The Soul of the best guy in Japan (Jan.4)
    It's aired after the final episode of "If I could see you in a dream...".

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